Cashmere Ultrafine Scarf


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A Gossamer thin scarf you can scrunch into a pocket or bag and when you need it, bounce right back creaseless.    Designed to protect in hot climates, when you get a touch of the aircon shivers or even a last-minute cover up before entering a religious shrine.   Effortless to wear and carry. A  travel essential. 
*200 x 70.   79” x 28”

Care Instructions

Care with kindness. Be kind to the planet and your garments. Only wash them when you feel it really necessary. Luxury natural fibres are one of nature's best kept secrets. They insulate, keeping you cool in summer and toasty in winter. And, like all luxury natural fibres mohair is anti-bacterial, so odours don’t hang around.. And, of course, they look and feel fabulous.

100% Super-fine Cashmere
200cm x 70cm

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