Snow Leopard Shawl


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My fabulous leopard cashmere scarves are back!

Very much 'of the moment' these scarves are a best seller.In leopard and snow leopard(inspired by the magnificent snow leopard of Mongolia) these exquisite scarves are made from the softest cashmere in the world. Lots of it. Two cashmere threads each an incredible 15 microns fine (you'll be hard pressed to find finer than this) are spun together to give the scarf density. If it doesnt have density it wont take the print. Luckily I have managed to hold the price this season but only just. A scarf to treasure.

Delicate hand wash at 30C/90F - do not wring- dry flat- do not tumble dry
100% pure cashmere, 2metres by 95 centimetr with 2 centimetre eye lash fringes weighing 90 grams.
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Shoe Size Euro
XS 1-3 33-35
S 3-6 35-39
M 7-10 39-44
L 11-13 45-47
XL 14-16 49-51