Elegance, style and ethics are at the heart of our brand. These are values shared with founder, Selina Scott. We offer sustainable home-comforts you’ll never want to leave home without.

Selina, a British television presenter and journalist, now lives on a beautiful farm in North Yorkshire. She was inspired by nature, sourcing sustainable cashmere from the Gobi Desert in Outer Mongolia (a journey she made in 2016 to see for herself how the fibre is produced). The business fosters a sense of peace and caring. That's why we provide timeless items which are produced responsibly. We're amidst a worldwide, ethical revolution.

We’re focused on our responsibilities at every step in the lifetime of our items. We combine natural, sustainable yarns with the best man-made fibres to guarantee lasting quality that doesn’t hurt the planet. We also invest in the people we partner with globally in order to make long‑lasting and positive changes for everybody.