Animal Welfare

Our commitment to Animal Welfare

The most luxurious natural fibres in our world are produced by animals which thrive in the most extreme conditions. The finest cashmere on the planet is found in the Gobi desert where temperatures in winter can fall to -32 C. The finest yak down in the world comes from remote mountain ranges. A harsh climate stimulates the growth of fine, dense fleeces or coats.

Those who live next to and care for these creatures, under these conditions, have to be tuned to their animals every need. Their survival and that of their flock or herd, depends on it. Which is why when Selina Scott made her expedition to Outer Mongolia to source direct, the animals she encountered were among the healthiest she had ever seen.

Selina has personal experience of the kind of dedication it takes to rear contented animals - having learned, the hard way how sensitive Angora goats can be to climate, food and even other goats outside their family group she understands how much effort it takes.

Angora goats, which produce the ‘diamond’ fibre mohair, cannot bear getting wet. Their feet suffer. They will not eat anything contaminated. They love carrots and apples and bread. Their water supply has to be pristine and they must have shelter. They hate the thought of having their long hair taken off twice a year but once divest, they skip and dance and head butt each other, delighted to be rid of the heavy fleece and any little bugs lurking within.

Billy Goats deserve a chapter all to themselves. From cute little kids they turn into bolshie, adventurous truants ready to lead their gang of females off into far distant pastures where they can hide away in thick hedges, for weeks, out of sheer naughtiness. Two billy goats in a herd is a recipe for fun and games. A fence can be demolished in seconds if one billy decides to assert dominance over the other. And yet, like all delinquents, they can have their nicer, more affectionate moments. A herd of angora goats wouldn’t be the same without one.

Selina’s goats lived out their lives in the comfort of the farm. Once the large family unit gradually depleted and came to a natural end she decided not to begin again by introducing new goats to the farm.

Today she sources her exquisite mohair from the Karoo desert of South Africa where conditions for angora goats are near perfect. The Karoo is a vast, magical region which produces the finest mohair on the planet. Dry plains where herbs, succulents and scrub proliferate offering a delicious smorgasbord on which angora goats thrive.

Vitally, however, she has made sure the farms which supply her mohair belong to the Responsible Mohair Standard, a rigorous and active welfare regime which insists on ethical, holistic conditions for angora goats. The farms, monitored regularly, have been specially selected. Animal welfare is at the heart of Naturally Selina Scott.