Our Journey

This is our journey

Selina’s online brand of sustainable, luxury accessories began twenty years ago, after she was given six Texan angora goats by a sheep farmer in the West of Scotland. He had hoped to diversify but the goats hated the damp, wet climate. She billeted them on friends with warm dry barns before buying her own farm to allow them do what goats do best. Eat weeds and proliferate!

Soon six goats became thirty, producing sackfuls of long, silky white ringlets of the highest quality mohair, like gold dust, so fine was their fibre. It took quite a time to track down a small workshop, the only one in the UK at the time, able to knit her mohair into homespun socks on an old Bentley machine, which Selina then distributed to friends as gifts. From this inauspicious beginning, a business was built. The socks were so eulogized for their warmth, longevity and softness, word spread.

Selina was inundated with requests and so the adventure began. She rapidly built a following of environmentally savvy customers and set off to Outer Mongolia, to source the most luxurious, biodegradable natural fibres on the planet. She lived with nomads and bought quality Cashmere, camel and yak down to add to her mohair sock collection.

Today, her team, led by world class natural fibre expert, Ronnie Lamb, is now able to access the best because they buy straight from source. Paying fair prices direct to herders cuts out the middle man and benefits customers. Garments made from the fibres are just as rigorously monitored by the Naturally Selina Scott team. Suppliers pay their workers fairly and have to meet our code of conduct.

Naturally Selina Scott socks in the last year have also undergone a sea change. Partnering with Bridgedale, global market leaders in sock technology has brought technical excellence and improved fit to the natural warmth, lustre and sustainability of mohair. Selina’s vision for her brand has become reality. And her sought after product, streets ahead of the competition.