Our Values

We go there

British Broadcaster and journalist, Selina Scott and founder of Naturally Selina Scott (in the Gobi desert helping draw water for the nomads cashmere goats) discovers how the harsh environment of the Gobi and the nomad’s tender care of their cashmere goats, produces the finest cashmere in the world.




We care

Our mohair is sourced from the fleeces of angora goats which roam the Karoo desert of South Africa, a magical region which produces the finest mohair on the planet. The climate and vegetation of the Karoo is near perfect for angora goats. Dry underfoot, vast plains on which to graze herbs, succulents and scrub, angora goats thrive here. We are proud to be members of the Responsible Mohair Standard which actively promotes ethical, holistic conditions for angora goats in specially selected farms in South Africa.


Animal welfare, the care of animals from birth until death is at the heart of our business



We Source Only the Best


Our team (led by world class, natural fibres expert Ronnie Lamb) has chosen the fibres that go into our garments with utmost care. Only the very best. We have crafted carefully, choosing undyed neutrals wherever possible, to bring to you the unalloyed beauty and simplicity of our natural world.


We are hands on


 Hand stitching a X stitch on to a yak hat in our workshop in Ulan Bator. A small, personalised token of the care taken in the making of a Naturally Selina Scott garment.


We aim to reduce our carbon footprint


Which is why, we are excited to announce our new collaboration with Bridgedale, world leaders in sock technology. One of our aims is to enhance longevity and contour our socks with technical excellence so that they can be loved for longer. Bridgedale have been knitting socks in Northern Ireland for over a century so they know what they are doing. A Bridgedale sock walks hundreds of miles, road tested in the most arduous conditions before it gets its seal of approval. And we have a new brand name for our new socks: No Footprint. Courtesy of Private Eye, the British satirical magazine. No Footprint is a name the magazine concocted to poke fun at a fictitious Toblerona, (nee Tarara Boomdeeay) wife of equally fictitious British aristocrat ‘Rollo van Flotsam-Jetsam-Winsome-Losesome’ who ran an ‘ethical sock company called No Footprint’. We loved it. It made us laugh. No Footprint&Bridgedale. Seriously, a perfect fit!