British Broadcaster and journalist, Selina Scott and founder of Naturally Selina Scott (in the Gobi desert with nomads and their cashmere goats) discovers how the harsh environment of the Gobi desert and the nomad’s tender care of their cashmere goats, produces the finest cashmere in the world.

Feel guilty buying New? Anxious about the environmental damage fast fashion inflicts? We know how you feel.

We have gone to the ends of the earth in search of a more sustainable solution. In dramatic, undeveloped Outer Mongolia nomads and herders rely on you to buy their life’s labour. Fast fashion for them is a mirage. They have been devoted to caring for animals in one of the harshest environments on earth for over 2,000 years. What they manage to produce is a miracle. The softest, most desirable, cashmere and yak fibres, ever. The sale of their luxury, sustainable harvest each year means they can survive. Just.

We not only source direct from them, building friendship and goodwill, we dramatically reduce the heavy carbon footprint of commerce.... the multiple transactions involved in buying and selling. In other words we cut out the middle man and cut out to you, the customer, the inevitable price hike. What you buy from us is a fraction of what you would pay in high end international fashion houses.

We Source Only the Best

Above Image: World class, natural fibres expert, Ronnie Lamb choosing the softest raw fibre. Ronnie was awarded the Naramdail Friendship medal by the President of Mongolia, an honor rarely bestowed, for helping herders and nomads adjust to a market economy after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

From our mohair signature socks to the softest off-the-scale cashmere, our team (led by world class, natural fibres expert Ronnie Lamb) has chosen the fibres that go into our garments with utmost care. Only the very best. We have crafted carefully. Choosing undyed neutrals wherever possible. To bring to you the unalloyed beauty and simplicity of our natural world. They are all, in their way, timeless pieces, enhancing the rhythm of our lives. Treated with care, they will endure, naturally.

We Make it Personal

Hand stitching a X stitch on to a yak hat in our workshop in Ulan Bator. A small, personalised token of the care taken in the making of each and every Naturally Selina Scott garment.

More miles with Mohair

Bridgedale has been knitting socks in Northern Ireland for over a century so they know what they are doing.

They do not launch anything until it is certain it can’t be bettered, insisting on putting any sock they make through its paces. A Bridgedale sock walks hundreds of miles and is road tested in the most arduous conditions before it gets its seal of approval.

Selina wanted to celebrate her new collaboration with Bridgedale, a milestone in the evolution of her luxury, natural fibre brand, with a new name.

Private Eye, the British satirical magazine, came up with it. No Footprint. A name the magazine concocted to poke fun at a fictitious Toblerona, (nee Tarara Boomdeeay) wife of equally fictitious British aristocrat ‘Rollo van Flotsam-Jetsam-Winsome-Losesome’ who ran an ‘ethical sock company called No Footprint’. Selina loved it. It made her laugh. No Footprint&Bridgedale. Seriously, a perfect fit!