The Fibres We Use

As climate crisis threatens why burn the planet wearing cheap synthetics? When Natural fibres are heaven-sent sustainable? . Unlike polyester which is oil derived, devastatingly toxic and the bedrock of fast fashion, or rayon made from irreplaceable, mature trees in the Amazon rainforest, fibres harvested from cashmere or angora goats, yak or camel are an environmentalist’s dream. They biodegrade. They insulate. What’s good for a little goat or mighty yak at -40 degrees in winter, is catnip for us humans all year round. How lucky we are to be able to luxuriate in the fibres these animals shed when the heat of Summer arrives. And how their softness enriches our lives!



We have gone to the ends of the earth in search of a more sustainable solution. In dramatic, undeveloped Outer Mongolia nomads and herders rely on you to buy their life’s labour. Fast fashion for them is a mirage. They have been devoted to caring for animals in one of the harshest environments on earth for over 2,000 years. What they manage to produce is a miracle. The softest, most desirable, cashmere and yak fibres, ever. The sale of their luxury, sustainable harvest each year means they and their children can survive. Just



We not only source direct from them, building friendship and goodwill, we dramatically reduce the heavy carbon footprint of commerce.... the multiple transactions involved in buying and selling. In other words we cut out the middle man and cut out to you, the customer, the inevitable price hike. What you buy from us is a fraction of what you would pay in high end international fashion houses. Our garments are all, in their way, timeless pieces, enhancing the rhythm of our lives. Treated with care, they will endure, naturally.