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Superfine Cashmere of unparalleled softness. Our treasured scarf is made from *15-micron fibre (the finest and softest) which has been gently combed from baby Zalaa Jinst goats in late Spring in the Gobi Desert steppe.  These pure white goats produce the best and rarest cashmere in the world.   Temperatures here are so dramatic…minus 40c in winter soaring to plus 50c in summer…these cashmere goats need to be summer-ready and have their heavy winter coats off. Nomads don’t shear their goats but use a centuries-old combing technique which is fast and pain-free.   Baby goats are treated like pets, super gently, combed playfully and lovingly.

Woven from undyed white cashmere with a vermilion overpane check and eyelash fringe these unique scarfs are limited in number. 24” x 70” (60cm x 178cm)


Care Instructions

Care with kindness. Be kind to the planet and your garments. Only wash them when you feel it really necessary. Luxury natural fibres are one of nature's best kept secrets. They insulate, keeping you cool in summer and toasty in winter. And, like all luxury natural fibres mohair is anti-bacterial, so odours don’t hang around.. And, of course, they look and feel fabulous.

100% Cashmere
24” x 70” 60cm x 178cm

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